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Bar Reviews

I have been using Tribotone bars for years. The innovative material used has proven to be very durable, and the finish has retained the original exceptional smoothness. Congratulations for introducing an excellent product, and for earning the reputation for providing stellar service and personal courtesy.

Maurice (Reece) Anderson

Tribology at Work on the Strings

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Article

TriboTone™ is reviewed in Guitar & Bass Magazine!!

Guitar & Bass Magazine Article

JAZZWISE REVIEW - The U.K.'s Biggest Selling Jazz Magazine

May Issue 2011 - Page 56

Yesterday I received my custom 2.75 x 3/4 Tribo-Tone bar. I wasn't expecting anything significantly different or better from what I had been using... but there is a difference! When sliding between notes and chords with the Tribo-Tone you hear the music, not the bar. The metallic clicking sounds produced by lifting and placing the bar on the strings is virtually gone. The Tribo-Tone also feels great in your hand and has an almost "organic" feel compared to other bars. Without a doubt the makers of Tribo-Tone are producing a professional level, smartly packaged, 100% quality product. In my opinion these bars are world class. My next bar? Another Tribo-Tone - and this time I'll be brave and get one in color!

GERALD ROSS - Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Eric was kind enough to deliver my new Tribo-Tone bar to me while I was playing a gig. I switched halfway into the set and noticed the difference immediately. My tone became warmer, yet punchy. There was almost no friction noise and the bar seemed to glide across the strings like a stick of butter. Mr. Ebner has done a great service to the steel guitar community by creating these bars. Try one for yourself!”

ANTHONY LOCKE - Austin, Texas

Combo Mahalo   Erik and the Gypsy Tribe

"Eric provided me one of his Tribo-Tone(tm) steel guitar bars for review. I think I have a new favorite bar. I played the bar with several different guitars, both electric and acoustic, and found it worked equally well on all of them. When I first starting playing it, I noticed how completely silent the bar was. I'm used to a bit of string noise as I slide back and forth, and this bar had none of that. It's very comfortable to use and denies me yet another excuse for my technique interfering with my performance. I hear what I play more with this bar. I'd recommend this bar for someone looking for a good quality bar that provides little if any bar noise."

BRAD BECHTEL - California U.S.A.

"I didn't want to comment on the Tribotone until I had played with it long enough to be sure I could back up every word of my "review". Well, there won't be many words to back up - if you play lap style just get yourself one! The Tribotone is the first bar to rival the Burden in terms of tone, volume and sustain,- add to that how easy it is to hold (I finally have a bullet bar I dare to use live!) and the added bonus of minimal string noise, and you've got a winner."


"If it were possible for me to design and make a slide bar, the one you made for me would be it. Everything is there: weight, full radius, square end with the proper indentation depth and contour. The finish allows for quiet fretting and secure holding of the bar. Really a good job. The effort and time you must have put in this project of producing quality slide bars is evident."

R. K.

"I think a lap style beginner (like me) benefits much from the qualities of this slide. It takes the edge off the challenge following a not yet developed technique like noise from strings, bumps and bounces. It feels good to hold and I find the grip to be better than on metal slides. While it certainly does sound good and performs well on my Tricones, it really feels home on my New Yorker. I find the electric lap much easier to control with this slide, cranking up the amp and turning off the compressor. IMHO fully worth the money."


“These Tribo-Tone steels/bars/slides are fantastic. They give a clean clear note and there is almost no string noise at all, even on the wound strings. I was really amazed when I tried it for the first time. I have used the same solid steel bar which was made for me in 1991 every day for the past 16 years, but today I have been using my new Tribo-Tone little black devil-slide and I am amazed with its performance. Not only is there very little string noise, but the tone is wonderful. The friction between slide & string is exactly right and the notes produced are loud and clear. It is also very tactile and comfortable to hold. It is less slippery than metal, but just as fast when playing runs. The last time I got this excited about a new accessory was in 1991 when I met Malcolm Newton and tried Newtone Strings for the first time. Eric Ebner really has created a wonderful new innovative product that I can highly recommend to all lap-slide/steel players. Order one, you won't be disappointed. This is a high grade top class product. Sol Hoopii & King Benny would have gone wild if such a thing had existed in their time!” Shine On-


"Eric, my bars arrived last week. I now have a new favorite bar. I have A/B'd the bars with all of my other bars and the lack of noise is incredible with no real loss of tone or volume that I can notice. It looks like I have a new favorite bar."

TIM G. - Queensland Australia

"I just got a black "b" weight Tribo-Tone yesterdy. Obviously I haven't "broken it in" yet, but right out of the tube it sounded great! I hope it lasts a VERY long time because they are not cheap, but it should stay pretty nice in the tube it came with. The case is a tank! Great guy to order from, I expect he'll be getting busier and busier as time goes by."


"Love it !!!! I got a "B" weight ... 2.75" x 0.75" ... White. The thumb recess is perfect for JB style reverse slanting ... I got my initials ... I L O ... so don't be tryin' to swipe it at the HSGA convention:-)"

RICK AIELLO – Virginia U.S.A.

“I'm certainly not one of the more accomplished steel guitar players so I need all the help that I can get. This bar has certainly been everything that all you great pickers, that have used it, say it is. I know too that they are a little pricey, but in my opinion, they are definitely worth it.”

FELIX BLEVINS – Tennessee U.S.A.

"When I received my first Tribo-Tone bar - a B-weight - I was blown away by how much tone I could get out of the lowest register of my Weissenborn-style lap guitar. Even a heavier stainless steel bar I have can not get the clear, full tone out of the sixth string in the lowest fret positions that this Tribo-Tone somehow manages with ease. So, notes that before sounded a bit rattling and weak - something I had accepted as "the nature of the beast" of acoustic lap sliding - I can now play with a big smile on my face. Add to this that the Tribo-Tone is so smooth and noise-free on the strings, and that the surface material makes it much easier to hold on to than a metal bar, and you've got a real winner! Thanks Eric for making this great musical tool!"


“I have completed my 20-hour break-in period on my Tribo-Tone saffron bar. Once you try Tribo-tone, you'll leave the others alone. I am probably playing 20% faster and cleaner than even three months ago. advertised...the Tribo-tone is so silent on those wound strings, that it has effectively doubled the useful tones I can pull out of my Oahu. As an engineer, I'm already a big fan of Delrin. But it doesn't FEEL like Delrin. How'd you do that, Eric? Job well done. Very well done indeed.”

TOM AUSTIN - California U.S.A.

"I just got a black C weight bar from Eric and it's great! What a world we live in today, where one can choose The Broz-O-Phonic, the Tribo-tone, or the Diamond Bottleneck Glass bar, depending on the sound desired."


“I'm very impressed with how smooth and effortless my Tribo-Tone plays and how easy it is to hold, especially considering that I've played mostly Scheerhorn and Smith steels before. I've found that slants come out cleaner and more accurate, which enables me to add more flavor and color to my music.”

MATT NOZZOLIO  Connecticut U.S.A.

I am a French Hawaiian player who ordered one of your B model bars (serial # 46) about six months ago. I would like to convey my thanks to you again for this Hawaiian bullet slide. I’ve used it every day since I received it and have done my latest demo CD with it, using my National style 1 tri-cone 1931 and my lap-steel National electric 1960. Marvelous on both instruments! A gorgeous and proper velvet tone. Les Hawaiian bullet slide développés par Eric Ebner sont de pures merveilles technologiques. La note pure sans le bruit de la friction sur les cordes. Si vous jouez "lap-style" essayez-les absolument!”


"I've got several tone bars, and ordered a Tribo-Tone B weight just because I wanted to have a cleaner purer sound. This little thing is in my hands all the time!!!! It's my favorite bar for the following reasons: It has the proper weight, the right length, and fantastic grip which is not the case with metallic bars. The Tribo-Tone is quiet: you hear what you're playing without "hissy noises" and sounds absolutely professional. Although quiet with noises, it's got VOLUME with the notes you're playing. If I knew about it before I would not have bought as many bars. If you want some good advice, buy this one first! Thanks again Eric for this bar. Take care and have fun!!!!