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Tone Bar Comparison by Fred Kinbom


Slide Planet Vol.1

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We carry Propik™ brand Thumb Picks

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Note: Black or White is Standard for All Bars

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3/4 Diameter Bars
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white bar
7/8 Diameter Bars
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Additional Items
Propik™ brand Thumb Picks
Large or Medium
$4.00ea: No added shipping when mailed with your Tribo-Tone™ bar

The first thing you will notice is that they are completely different. We recommend several robust sessions to get used to and break in your new bar. This is all new territory for your ears, hands, and brain! Gone is the ‘buzz’ and chatter that normally accompanies steel guitar music. Explore the bass strings up the neck (beyond the 12th) and rip some clean, pure tones. Slide some harmonics through the high strings… PURE TONES!!! It’s like nothing that has come before and you’ve entered a near perfect acoustic world. The only thing missing from this picture is the… hisssssssss. Enjoy!  

Your Tribo-Tone™ bar is designed, built, and engineered for high performance. If there is ever a problem with your bar, please contact Tribo-Tone™ for repair or replacement. All Tribo-Tone™ bars are lead free and made entirely from inert non-toxic materials.

Thank you for choosing Tribo-Tone™