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Musicians & Bands (Great Musician and Steel Guitar Extraordinaire)
Fred Kinbom Wonderful player from Sweden. Free music on his site!
Basil Henriques Steel player for Waikiki Islanders, publisher of "Aloha Dreams"
Michael Messer (World Class Musician, roots music slide guitar) ( Ann Arbor, Michigan's King of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar)
Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya (Award Winning Hindustani Slide Musician) (Dobro CD’s & instruction) (Austin’s only Hapa Haole Hawaiian Band) (Dobro player for the Grassy Knoll Boys) (A gifted Dobro player, teacher and vocalist) (Austin based Dobro and steel guitarist) (An eclectic Austin based group)

Music Festivals & Workshops (Hill Country Music Camp – Kerrville Texas) by Southwest Music, Film & Interactive Festivals) (The annual Kerrville folk festival since 1972) (Austin City Limits Outdoor Music Festival)

Musical Instruments and accessories (Vintage and New National guitar dealer) (Austin’s Square Neck Mecca & NRP dealer) (Absolutly the best glass slides built today)

Music Information (Specialty Hawaiian steel guitar CDs)
European Steel Guitar Forum (Including Steel forums in different languages) (Brad’s Page of Stee l- simply the best) (A forum for steel guitar players)
Acoustic Guitar Forum (Great forum with some steel information usually posted) (Online string tension calculator)

Other (Cool family owned motel on South Congress) (Austin’s most beloved taco stand and local Icon)

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